Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

We had fun this last Sunday heading to another pumpkin patch with friends. The kids loved the maze, the hayride, and the little "train" ride as well as feeding the animals, and just running around. The weather was gorgeous and we couldn't have asked for better! We are super blessed to have friends to go with and that our girls love! Here are pics from our Pumpkin Patch Funday!




I am officially a slacker. I cannot believe that this blog has been put on the back burner, but it has. With my new business, staying home full-time and chasing my 2 crazy girls, I don't make the time to blog. I need to get better at this. I LOVE looking back at the changes, the memories, the day to day, because one day I will miss this and want it back. I may be willing the day to hurry up and pass, but I am begging time to slow down. My girls are growing, and thankfully are healthy and happy, but they are changing before my eyes. Here are a few things that we've been doing the past few months....

After Callan turned 1 year old, we made a trip to Branson with Jacob's extended family for a week! The weather was beautiful and it was a nice get away. We enjoyed lots of pool time during the hot summer...Campbell has become quite the little fish. Her favorite thing is to go swimming with her daddy! Callan doesn't care for the water that much, but I know next summer will be a different story! I quit my nursing job in the PACU at Children's the first week of September. It was NOT an easy decision, but after being home with my girls full-time, I know this is right where I'm meant to be at this stage in my life. I will miss all the wonderful ladies I worked with, but I'm keeping up with most of them via Facebook! Thank goodness for it! The girls started their first day of Sonshine School and Sonshine Academy! So far they are LOVING it! What a blessing it has been for not only them, but me as well. And I attended my first ever Rodan and Fields Convention in Atlanta. What a huge motivation for me! I am loving this new job, and I'm hoping to see where the next 6 months take me! Jacob continues to work sooooo hard. He loves his position, and is hopeful for the future. We've had both sets of grandparents around for visits, and we are just completely blessed. We are also very excited to have a boy in the family.....no, not me, but my little sister is expecting in December. Campbell and Callan will have yet ANOTHER boy cousin! Campbell continues to LOVE gymnastics class, and Callan is attempting her own climbing and front rolls....won't be long before she's doing gymnastics too.

This is just a very quick and rough summary of what's been going on lately. Hoping to get back in the groove and make more posts soon! Thanks for taking the time to read....

Leaving you with some pics of the summer and my adorably sweet girls! Love them!



Callan Blair is ONE YEAR OLD, plus a recap of her Pink Lemonade Birthday Party ;)

My goodness how this year has flown. Callan is one year old already. Actually 5 days ago, but who's counting. I'm just glad to be getting a post up.

While the days and months seemed long with 2 little girls, this year has most definitely been one of the fastest of my life. It seems even faster than when Campbell was turning 1. But it has been a year full of rich blessings and joy! We are so thankful for our Callan Blair. She has completed this family and the look she gives her sister, and the hugs and kisses they share, really are priceless. This is what I always looked forward to when I knew I was going to have 2 girls!

We haven't been to the doctor so official stats will be updated next week.

Callan Blair, you are so much fun! I really love this age. While it's extremely busy, it is just so much fun watching you "get" things, laugh, smile, play, waddle ;), babble, play, blink/wink, and so much more!

Callan is walking pretty well these days. Still wobbly, but pretty fast, and so much more steady on her feet than just a few weeks ago. Less and less bumps and bruises. Thank goodness. Oh and she has a monster foot: 5 1/2 W. A little over a month ago she was a 4. What kind of growth spurt is that?

Callan has 4 teeth with 2 emerging any day now. She is still a wonderful eater, and she loves water in her sippy cup. Our transition from bottles to sippy is slower than big sister, and our love for milk is nothing like big sis either. Callan won't make anything easy....why should I expect that now?

Callan is still very much attached to me. I feel like this is on repeat for every month I type an update. But it's true. She only has eyes for her momma!

Callan's personality is pretty great. She's funny, likes to play games, peek-a-boo, especially. She is into carrying shoes around the house, playing in her kitchen, playing with any ball, holding and kissing her baby doll, dancing to music, singing, and anything with her big sis. She will empty the wipes box and mess up the playroom in 5 minutes or less.

She has a temper...and then can be the sweetest thing in the world. We are gonna have to watch out for that one!

We really do love you Callan Blair! You have made this year so much fun and we are looking to a lifetime more! I pray you become a light for Jesus in your own special way. Your daddy and I are blessed to be your parents!

Each of these pics were taken by Emily Tirado of Captured by Emily Photography

And I'll leave you with a few pics from her birthday party. I love the theme and the way it turned out! She is a little sweet and a little sour just like her pink lemonade!