Just 5 more days...

In just 5 more days, we will hopefully find out if our next sweet baby is going to be a boy or a girl! I posted a poll in the sidebar for any of my readers...(not that there's many) to give me their guess on boy or girl! I'm getting so excited and anxious to find out.

I had pretty vivid dreams last night that we had a baby boy! What a shock that would be to my world, but it would be a blessing all the same! I can't say I have a guess either way. No specific feelings or anything. But Tuesday morning can't get here soon enough!

Let me know your guesses. I'd love to see them! Pretty sure the next post will be announcing the gender of baby #2! Sweet, sweet baby, we already love you and can't wait to meet you! We're just about half way there!



Snow Day + what else has been happening around here lately...

So yesterday we woke up to a nice little surprise...SNOW! I'm not that big on snow, especially when I have to get out in it, but luckily it was my day off, and Campbell and I needed to enjoy the snow. You see, at Christmas, when we got all that snow, both she and I were sick. Not a little sick, but pretty bad; me more than her. We just couldn't take advantage of it then, but we decided to yesterday. This was her first experience in the snow, besides looking out the window at it, and she loved it! Of course, she mostly wanted to eat it...but we enjoyed those sweet moments together and I brought my camera! She had to bring along her shopping cart, not really sure why, but why not?! Enjoy these pics!

Other things happening, well, yes I missed having a 20 month post for my girl! In 4 short months she will turn 2 and in 5 1/2 short months she will become a big sister! We are so excited :) Campbell Grace is quite the talker. She is also quite the toddler. Doing your normal, defiance, about to turn 2 things. She tests my patience daily and sees what she can get away with. I'm learning everyday how to parent. Most days are full of joy and laughter and a little frustration. I hear this is totally normal and may only get worse before it gets better.

All she wants to do is watch Mickey Mouse and Cinderella (mic nouse, and lella). She could sit for hours in a trance and watch them. Some days that can be helpful, but most it can be hard, because when I want her to play with her toys or color with me, she begs for TV. We are working on it.

Campbell is constantly pointing and naming all sorts of things. Her vocabulary has just taken off. It's fun to hear that sweet little voice everyday.

She has recently moved up to 2T clothing for the most part. She still wears 24 month and some 18-24 month, but she is so tall that 2T fits really well. Size 4 diapers still.

She's such a joy and blessing to us! We're half way to 21 months now :)

On another note, I'm feeling so much better this month and this baby is moving ALL AROUND! This is the best thing about pregnancy, hands down. We are 17 weeks this week, and in 3 short weeks we get to see him or her! Praying that this baby is healthy and growing right on track! So thankful for this sweet life!

Hope you all have a blessed week :)




If you've seen my facebook or instagram then you already know...or if you are a close friend or family, but we are so excited to announce we are expecting baby #2!  We are finally home from our crazy 2 week whirlwind and I finally have my laptop with me. It had these sweet pics of my girl in her BIG SISTER tshirt! This summer is definitely gonna be a memorable one!